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xRubySohox [entries|friends|calendar]

The Girl

Jackie. Female. Nineteen. Writing. Photography. Music.

The Music

The Clash. The Ramones. 13th Floor Elevators. Tom Waits. Bob Dylan. Janis Joplin. The Circle Jerks. Muddy Waters. Rancid. Leftover Crack. Van Morrison. The Velvet fucking Underground. The Pixies. Hole. Sublime. Jimi Hendrix. The Doors. Bob Marley. Talking Heads. Death From Above 1979. The Faint.

The Others

The Layout
The Love
The wtf?


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"Death Or Glory"
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"And yet we continue with the charade of being individuals.. [December 13, 2003]
..as we get spoon-fed, kept in check by the latest trends are we that shallow?"
-Sick Of It All

Alright, so journal is completely friends only now. Just comment if you want in, yeh?
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